Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start backing up my computer? From your dashboard (when signed in) click download under the backup tab. Select computer type, MAC or PC, and click download. Hit run when asked (do not save) and follow the prompts. You can view the backup process in our tutorial.
Is the backup really for all computers in my household? Yes, whether you have one or multiple, the SG Backup service is for all computers in your house.
Can I backup my computers at work? No. SG Backup service is for consumer households only and not for businesses.
I have a lot of data on my computer. Can I back it all up or do I have to select what to back up? You can back all of your data up. After software install, choose the type of files (or all files) to back up and start backing up. The initial backup will take a while based upon the volume of data.
How long will it take to backup all of my data? That depends on how much data you have and the bandwidth of your connection. The simple answer is 'as long as it takes'. Once initially backed up, your backup runs automatically and saves data to the cloud.
Can I access my stored data from my mobile phone? Yes. If you have a web enabled phone, you can access all of your content from anywhere, including any computer or web enabled appliance like tablets and netbooks.
If my computer crashes, how do I retrieve all of my files to a new computer? From your dashboard (when signed in) simply install the restore app and follow the prompts to copy all of your data from the server cloud onto your new computer.
Can I play music from my data storage? Yes. There is even a media player embedded in the cloud backup to listen to your music while on the go.


What do I need to do to get started? From your dashboard (when signed in) enter your personal information on the account page. From that point forward, you are protected with SG Identity.
Is there anything else I need to do? Beyond providing your information - no. You will receive an email from the our scanner results. Review the results and click 'yes' if you recognize the information and 'no' if you don't. A recovery specialist will contact you to begin investigating the information if you answered 'no'.
If I think I'm a victim of identity theft, what should I do? From your dashboard (when signed in) click identity and call the toll free number to talk with one of our identity recovery specialists. They will help determine if you are a victim. If you are, they give you the option of assisted recovery or fully managed recovery (U.S. only).
What is fully managed versus assisted recovery? Fully managed recovery (U.S. only) means you sign over limited power of attorney to allow a recovery specialist to work on your behalf to restore your identity to pre-theft status.

Assisted recovery (U.S. and Canada) means you receive specialized assistance from a recovery expert in helping to restore your identity yourself to pre-theft status. This is the most common type of identity recovery sold by most identity providers.
What is lost wallet protection? From your dashboard (when signed in) you can choose to enter your credit cards, insurance cards and personal information sources. If your wallet or purse is lost / stolen, our recovery specialists will assist you with replacing your cards and information instruments.