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ID Theft can derail your employees and
your operation. Take the time and
expense off the shoulder of your
employees with SG Identity.
SG identity for employers

Identity Theft is a multi-billion dollar per year crime. Your customers and employees in the U.S. are the number one prime target. According to the FTC, identity theft occurs at the rate of every 3.8 seconds; requires an average 165 hours to recover at an average consumer cost of $953. Eliminate the risk. Provide your customers and employees SG IDENTITY.

Wholesale pricing

SG IDENTITY is a Multi-tiered ID Protection service available on a wholesale basis for organizations to provide their customers and employees. The added value to your organization by virtually eliminating the impact of identity theft for your customers and employee families is priceless.

Implement immediately

SG IDENTITY provides a very aggressive, realized value for your customers in advance of payment. Fill out the contact form and we can explain the benefits of offering SG IDENTITY in advance on a "pay as they enroll" program.
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